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Christmas is a time for caring. And pairing.

High on our Christmas list is, of course, wine. And not far behind it is food. But an often overlooked aspect of the festive dining table is wine and food pairings. It’s all too easy to reach for the rioja to pair with rich, red meats, or a light white to go with chicken. We think that pairings deserve a little more thought, so we’ve put together this short guide to pairing our Bacchus wine with the perfect dish.

Bacchus, our English white wine

Our 2021 Bacchus is a subtle wine, yet layered with flavour. With a light, mineral backbone, the nose carries aromas of melon flesh and white peach skin. Its texture on the palate provides a broad mouthfeel with good balance, and resolves as a bone-dry finish.

Our Christmas Eve pairing suggestion

Pan fried scallops or salmon en croute

The wine's high and refreshing acidity cuts beautifully through fatty fish dishes, and the delicacy of scallops or salmon certainly won't overwhelm the wine. Instead, these lighter seafood dishes will enhance Bacchus’s subtle but fruity flavours.

Our Christmas Day pairing suggestion

Turkey or Goose with all the trimmings

The concentration of melon flesh and white peach skin flavours on the palate will pair beautifully with most poultry dishes, turkey and goose being no exception. The wine's deep texture will also stand up to slighter darker meats such as duck or even guinea fowl.

Well, we think we’re going to have to stop there because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to write about wine and food without having any to hand. If your mouth is watering too, then be sure to bookmark this blog or even send it to whoever is hosting you this festive season.

May your Christmas be merry and bright, and may there be Bacchus.