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For those who love it, wine is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It’s inextricably bound to the land – its subtle nuances and changing temperament a story of weather, time and the health of the soil. So why would we not do everything we possibly can to support and protect nature when growing and producing wine? That’s the question that led us to create a truly sustainable winery.

Simon Porter has spent twenty years nurturing the soil of Penn Croft Farm. He’s an ardent advocate of regenerative agriculture – assisting nature to manage the environment, rather than seeking to fight and control it.

The Farm provides fields of naturally rich soil, ideal for the growth of grapes for winemaking. To build on this natural advantage, Simon uses an innovative type of farming which aims to build carbon storage in the soil – something that’s vital to our ecosystem. Simon’s methods focus on three core principles: minimal soil disturbance; natural cover for the soil; and the use of biodiverse planting wherever possible.

It doesn’t stop with the land. We decided from the start that our winery had to have minimal impact on the environment too. We’ve got solar panels on the roof, low energy LED lighting throughout, thermo controlled tanks and we naturally recycle our waste water through the surrounding wetlands. We’re in this for the long run. We owe a debt to future generations to do this the right way – so they can enjoy nature’s gift as much as we do.